About Public Act 101-0165

In Illinois, single-occupancy restrooms in all public buildings and businesses must be designated as gender neutral or all-gender.

The law took e­ffect on January 1,2020.

This includes the following businesses and public buildings:

Inns, hotels, motels, restaurants, bars, theaters, concert halls, stadiums, auditoriums, convention centers, bakeries, grocery stores, clothing stores, hardware stores, shopping centers, laundromats, dry-cleaners, banks, barber shops, beauty shops, travel services, shoe repair services, funeral parlors, gas stations, offices of lawyers or accountants, pharmacies, insurance offices, professional offices of health care providers, hospitals, transportation terminals, museums, libraries, galleries, parks, zoos, amusement parks, some nurseries, day care centers, K-12 schools, undergraduate institutions, postgraduate institutions, senior citizen centers, homeless shelters, food banks, some adoption agencies, gyms, health spas, bowling alleys, and golf courses.

Illinois General Assembly – Full Text of Public Act 101-0165 (ilga.gov)