About Us


Pride Action Tank is a new, results-driven group that addresses challenges facing individuals and groups within LGBTQIA communities through a collaborative process of inquiry, advocacy and action. The work of Pride Action Tank focuses on six overlapping issue areas: housing, health, safety, financial security, youth and aging.

Pride Action Tank brings together and supports the work of subject matter experts as well as people directly impacted by challenges facing the LGBTQIA community to envision and realize practical and longer-term policy solutions. Moreover, Pride Action Tank fuels collaborations among organizations, departments, experts, policy-makers and community members in order to fill in gaps and ensure better support for all people in LGBTQIA communities.



To improve the health, safety and progress of individuals and groups within the LGBTQIA community by inspiring, supporting and leading collaborative action that improves policy, service, access and community dynamics in the core areas of housing, health, safety, financial security, youth and aging.



  • Spurring and supporting concrete steps towards addressing our communities’ most pressing challenges.
  • Supporting the capacity, cultural competency and issue fluency of all organizations serving LGBTQIA individuals.
  • Incubating initiatives (large and small) that enhance excellence in the community.
  • Providing access to information, research and knowledge in support of progress for our communities.


Leadership & Approach

The work of Pride Action Tank is led by Executive Director Kim L. Hunt and informed by an Advisory Board in collaboration with six Senior Fellows — one at the head of each issue area — who will conduct and synthesize research, establish policy and practice positions, and lead collaborative action in their respective issue areas.

A Project of the AIDS Foundation of Chicago

Pride Action Tank is a project of the AIDS Foundation of Chicago (AFC), which mobilizes communities to create equity and justice for people living with and vulnerable to HIV and related chronic diseases. The intersectional issues that Pride Action Tank addresses, including structural and societal barriers to care and supportive services, are at the heart of reducing HIV vulnerability and improving the lives of people with HIV.

 Contact us at prideactiontank@aidschicago.org.