Pride Action Tank denounces Trump executive order promoting discrimination

Under the dubious title of “promoting free speech and religious liberty,” President Donald J. Trump has signed an executive order that is a license for blatant discrimination. It is just vague enough to please Trump’s base and just sinister enough to undo the hard-fought rights of marginalized groups in the U.S. We must not forget that religious arguments have been used to limit access to reproductive health care, public accommodations like bathrooms, treatment for people living with HIV, functional education systems that do not funnel Black and brown youth into broken “justice” institutions and humane immigration policies.

Furthermore, this executive order disrespects the many faith communities that continue to stand unapologetically on the right side of history. Such faith communities are on the front lines of efforts to ensure that trans youth can go to restrooms that are consistent with their gender identity, to understand that reproductive justice is access to safe abortions, gender-affirming treatments, and more, to protect undocumented people from unjust deportation and to insist that Black Lives Matter.

At Pride Action Tank, we reject the notion that religious freedom trumps the rights of individuals to make choices for themselves and live in their true identities. Hate has no home here. Those of us who believe in the rightness of our being must continue to push for the ideals of justice and fairness for all.

We are discouraged, but not defeated. In Chicago and Illinois, advocates have historically held back conservatives’ attempts to add religious carve-outs to anti-discrimination laws. As a result, our human rights ordinances are strong. But we must all remain vigilant. Continue to reach out to your elected officials to make your voices heard, and encourage your friends and family to do the same. Visit to find out how to contact your state and federal legislators.


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